It’s no secret that attending college can be an expensive proposition. And while the cost of higher education ...
Today, I ate the very last of my hand-picked apples. This moment is a big deal for two reasons: 1. It means ...
If you’re not sure about smart watches, than this idea for the next big thing might be more up your ...
Click through the slideshow for Associated Press photos from the ground in the Philippines.
After almost 24 hours of flying commercial, we are now waiting to board a military plane from Manila to ...
On Friday, a typhoon called Haiyan struck the eastern coast of the Philippines, an island nation in the ...
On Tuesday, more than 1,400 works of art that were labeled as “degenerate” before being seized ...
Chickens, like most people, are more productive during the day, when there’s a bright and shiny sun to ...
"I am 17, I am the teen author of the best selling book The Guys, the Roses & the Regrets and I am also the CEO of my own magazine which is in its beginning stages.
As far as tips for taking a business into adulthood I am not quite there yet, but as far as making a business successful here are my tips:
1. Have a Good Team. No matter how smart or business savvy you are you cannot create a successful business alone, create a team that will work with you to make your business a success. I have a board of advisers which includes CEO's, best-selling authors and magazine publishers who help guide me through the ups and downs of business. A good team is invaluable. 
2. Have Clear Goals and Make Them Happen. To make a business work there has to be a sequence so that means set your goals and stick to them. Make sure your goals move your business forward and then get your team to help you keep achieving those goals. 

3. Be Persistent. In life and in business sometimes things are not going to work out and you have to carry on regardless of rejection. If you truly believe in your business when something goes wrong figure it out and move on. Running a successful business is hard not everything is going to be given to you on a silver platter but if you're persistent and push on through your business can be a success!"

--Grace Hatton, Author,
Any bookworms out there? If so, this week’s impact post is for you. If you’re interested in giving back to ...
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