A lot of technology designed for one use turns out to have uses in other areas, and this idea for the next ...
Finally, will all the money spent around back to school shopping, retailers are anxious to give you a way to give back in the process. It's a great marketing tool for them, and it really does help others, so why not? 

Most places that sell school supplies will have a drop box this time of year for people to donate supplies as they shop, so go ahead and pick up an extra pack of pens for a kid in need. However, there are ways to do a bit more. 

A good place to shop in general is at a site called Up to 30% of your purchases in some cases go back to charity, and you can choose the cause you'd like to support before you buy. 

Finally, if you want to get involved in a bigger way, we like, an organization that finds kids in need and helps them out with school supplies. You can give money, supplies, or even volunteer with them.
You’ve found a charity you’re passionate about, and you’re ready to donate your time or hard-earned cash to ...
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Location: Angola, La. Year opened: 1835 Inmate population: 5,108 Facts: Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola is America's largest maximum-security prison. The prison sits on 18,000 acres of farmland-- corn and soybeans are the primary crops. It also has a herd of 1,500 cattle. Angola is the only prison in America that offers a college degree program on prison grounds.
In today’s show, one of our headlines covered Attorney General Eric Holder’s plan for prison ...
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