January 10, 2013



CDZA: Yo! What’s up, man? Yeah, yeah. Hold on, man. I’ve got to call you right back. I’m in the middle of something. Alright.

Scott: You may have seen these musical experiments blowing up on YouTube.

Real music videos with a little attitude made by Collective Cadenza, also known as CDZA.

So, who are the guys behind the movement? Matt, Joe and Michael, also known as the sound guy, the video guy, and the music guy.

We headed to Tainted Blue Studios for a behind-the-scenes look.

Joe Sabia: So, we are going piece all of those really commonly misheard songs, put them all together, taking the snippets of those lyrics that are misheard.

Scott: Well, you make it look very easy, but a lot of work goes into it.

Matt McCorkle: A lot of work goes into it.

Scott: How long does it typically take to film one of these videos?

Matt: If we are going to be in the studio like today, we block off twelve hours in the studio. Planning a shoot like this can take a few days just to plan it, and then that’s not alone – even the concept, you know, which can take, I mean, months.

Scott: In studio, musicians come in ready to not only learn the music, but also choreography.

Joe: Michael takes all the musicians and makes sure that they get the order of the music right, they get the keys right, they get the flow right, they memorize all that music. And then once that’s all figured out – once it’s in their heads, once they got it down pat – we figure out the choreography. We basically say, alright, we want you to stand here, stand here and at this moment we want you to take a piece of bacon, put it next to your head.

CDZA: Shake, shake, shake it like a polar bear ninja!

CDZA: It’s too late to order eyes. It’s too late!

Scott: The goal for most of their in-studio videos is to get it all in one take.

CDZA: From the top. You got it! From the top. Ok! Na-na-na…

Scott: The group posted their first musical video experiment to YouTube in September 2011.

Joe: It was just purely for fun. Uploaded it. It was a hit. And then for six months, gears in our head were rolling. We were like, wow, we are onto something here! What if we kept on doing this? What if we got more musicians in? What if we had more ideas like that? The rest is history.

Scott: History created by three guys from totally different backgrounds. Matt got his first shot in audio after a coworker didn’t show up to work.

Mat: I fell in love with audio immediately. So then I went to school to study this. And I moved out to New York City four years ago and I’ve been going hard ever since.

Joe: I mean, I wanted to be an astronaut, and then that kind of took over my mentality; Wow, man! I got to study to get into college? I got to take these SATs? I took the SATs six times in high school. Like, I was so paranoid about getting into the best school possible. You know, and I didn’t get into my dream schools.

Michael Thurber: I always knew that I wanted to be a professional musician. Ever since I was in 7th grade when I was, like 13. I came home from orchestra one day and told my parents – I was like, this is it. This is what I’m going to do. And I loved making music. And I said there is no way that I am not going to do this.

Scott: CDZA now works with more than fifty young classically trained or professional musicians.

Michael: Nobody in these videos is an amateur. Nobody is just, you know, doing this as a hobby. These are absolutely the most talented young people that are in New York.

Scott: They hope their videos aren’t just fun to watch, but inspiring too.

Joe: You know, if this makes anyone pick up an instrument and say, ‘Hey, you know, they make it look easy. Maybe it’s easy to learn an instrument.’ Let them try. Let them figure it out.

Scott: Scott Evans, Channel One News.


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