November 30, 2011

Cell Phone Germs


Sharon: A new health warning from Britain is starting a buzz, and it involves what some of you might consider your most prized possession. I am talking about your beloved cellphone.

“Mine probably doesn’t have anything. Maybe it does.”

Sharon: You would be surprised. Ok, the next time you reach for your cellphone consider this, a new study out says one in six cellphones is contaminated with harmful bacteria.

How does this make you feel?

“A little dirty.”

“It makes me feel nasty.”

“The microphone part must be dirty because of our mouths, or the ear part. Oh, that feels gross!”

“That’s pretty scary. It’s pretty gross. I can’t imagine my phone being contaminated.”

Sharon: Well, let’s start with the obvious question: do you clean your cellphone?

“Never. Not once in my life. Yeah, not at all.”

“I don’t’ how to clean my phone, with a paper towel or something? But that’s kind of weird. I never heard of that.”

“Never, I never cleaned my cellphone before. Ever.”

“Not really. I’ll wipe it with a hand sanitizer sometimes. Like once in a blue moon.”

Sharon: The verdict is in. Cleaning our go-to everyday device is a no-go for most people. And according to the British research, the harmful virus found in cellphones was E.coli. E.coli is a type of fecal bacteria. Translation?

“It means, unfortunately, people are going to the toilet, their hands are getting contaminated and they’re not washing their hands with soap.”

Sharon: So, all this bacteria talk got me thinking, how many people actually wash their hands properly after using the bathroom? Let’s go find out!

If I could ask you guys, how regularly you guys wash your hands after using the bathroom?

“Every time I use the bathroom.”

“All the time. I mean that’s kind of a given. It’d be gross if I didn’t usually every time.”

“Every single time? With water and soap?”

“I have OCD, so you wash regularly.”

Sharon: So, people aren’t fessing up that they are not washing their hands when they should. In the study, 95% of the people say they wash their hands with soap and water but researchers found E.coli bacteria on 16% of hands. So that means almost 10% were maybe not telling the whole truth.

And doctors say it is not just your cellphones that are vulnerable to being infested with germs. The same bacteria can latch on to any other every day objects. Especially the one’s people share.

“It’s public health problem number one. It’s the most dangerous substance on the planet.”

Sharon: Are you guys going to act upon this?

“I’m going to clean my phone now. I don’t want no harmful bacteria on my hands and stuff.”

“I’m about to clean it right now.”

Sharon: So how do you clean our germ-infested beloved? Use a disinfectant wipe to remove build up from the face of the phone. Then use a small brush, dipped in rubbing alcohol, to get between the keys. That should do the trick.

Sharon Song, Channel One News.


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