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Removing, Relocating, and Reinstalling Equipment:

When you have a construction project coming up, let us take care of the Channel One equipment for you. It’s best to schedule this labor-intensive work with the Help Desk (800.251.4039) 4-6 weeks in advance, and take care to protect Network equipment from hazards as construction workers or roofers may be held liable for damage to our equipment.

When Your School Grows, Well Grow Too!

We provide one classroom TV for every 23 students in grades 6-12 enrolled in your school. If you qualify for more call the Help Desk at 800.251.4039, and they will send you an additional enrollment packet so you can confirm your school’s new enrollment in writing. Due to demand and the labor intensity of these jobs, it may take 3-4 months to complete the install but we fulfill requests ASAP

If Network Equipment is Stolen or Vandalized:

  • Before taking action, please determine the extent of equipment that is missing or damaged.
  • File a police report and obtain a copy.
  • Contact the Help Desk (800.251.4039) with police report info and loss details within 48 hours.
  • Channel One usually replaces stolen or damaged equipment, but may a) require your school to take measures to prevent further occurrences or b) opt to cancel your participation if the loss/damage is too great or if you experience multiple problems.

At the Start of Each School Year:

  • Make sure the new digital recorder/head-end (DRH) is plugged into a working power source.
  • Walk through the school and make sure classroom TVs are plugged in to working power sources, and that the cables in the back of each TV is securely connected.
  • If the DRH was plugged in already, press the PLAY button on the front of the head-end to make sure either the current day’s Channel One News show activates or, if being tested prior to the first broadcast, that the current date is displayed on the test signal we transmit daily during August.
  • If the DRH was not plugged in( please do so now and on the day AFTER you plug it in, press PLAY to ensure the current day’s Channel One News show is present (or appropriately dated text signal)*
  • Walk through the school as soon as the PLAY button is pressed, and check to make sure TVs power on, and remain on, for the duration of the broadcast.
  • If the DRH fails the test, and/or if any TVs are not working, please call 800.251.4039 for assistance.

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