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Please report service outages within 48 hours.

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Please Report Service Outages Within 48 Hours.

Call: 800.251.4039 for Help Desk services
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Error Conditions on the New Digital Head-end

From time to time certain error conditions may occur on the DRH. and you may see this screen:

When the above appears on screen, you should call the Channel One Help Desk (800,2514039) for assistance.

Bad Weather Can Ruin Your Day, and Adversely Affect Channel One:

Rain. Heavy rains may prohibit Channel One News and Channel One Connection programs from recording on the new Digital Head-end. If your school didn’t receive the current day’s programming, and heavy rainfall occurred the night before, check tomorrow’s recording. If the problem corrects itself, you know it was weather related. If not, call 800.251.4039 as their may be some other problem present.

Snow. Snow may accumulate in the dish, causing Channel One content not to record, but this is easily corrected:

  • Sweep the dish out using an ordinary broom
  • Check the programfe) in the morning and call the Help Desk if this didn’t correct the problem.

Wind. High winds may also move the dish just enough to cause a recording failure. This can only be corrected by realignment of the dish by a trained Field Service Representative.

Resetting Classroom TVs May Solve These Problems:

  • Snowy reception on all channels.
  • Unable to receive Channel One News and/or the Channel One Connection programming, but able to receive programs on other channels,
  • TV will not power on at all (Note: you may want to check to ensure the TV is plugged in or that you are getting power to the outlet) before you reset the TV.
  • You’ve had a power outage and now TV will not turn on manually or with the use of a remote control.

To correct: Unplug the TV from the power outlet, wait 10 minutes, and plug it back into a working outlet.

TV Wilt Not Power on Automatically: You probably have a VCR connected to the TV instead of through the splitter. Please see the diagram of a classroom TV (see diagram).

To Correct: Change the way the VCR is connected* Disconnect from the TV the cable that goes to the VCR, and connect it instead to the open port on the splitter.

TV Turns On and Off by Itself: This usually is a student who has a compatible or universal remote control playing a trick on their teacher

Calling the Help Desk at 800.251.4039

  • The Help Desk is staffed by friendly associates who are eager to assist you from 7:30AM-5:30PM (ET).
  • If you call after hours and leave a message, your call will be returned the same or following business day.
  • Providing your school’s Channel One site number will help us more easily access your service records.
  • Providing exact text of error messages displayed will help us better meet your needs.
  • Providing details on any troubleshooting steps you’ve taken and what the results were will be helpful, and it’s usually better if the same person that performed the troubleshooting steps calls the Help Desk.
  • Being ready to provide such details as problem symptoms, location of malfunctioning equipment, weather conditions, events that may impact equipment performance or reception (construction/remodeling), and school hours will help us help you.

What Happens During a Service Visit

  • Channel One has a team of skilled technicians called Field Service Representatives (FSRs).
  • Problems that prohibited your school from showing Channel One news to students are usually resolved within 5 business days. Other equipment problems, and especially moves/relocations, take longer.

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