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No assembly required. We do everything for you.

We Produce, and Transmit Content Daily:

  • Channel One News, the flagship programming of Channel One service, is a 12-minute daily news show tailored for student viewing in class.
  • Channel One Connection is a free video sen/ice offering member schools hundreds of hours of cost-free educational video content.

We Furnish the Equipment:

Satellite Antenna – stationary 1.2 meter KU band satellite dish, installed using a non-penetrating roof mount.

Preview Monitor – installed near the head-end unit and allows you to preview Channel One News before broadcasting school wide, and serves as a navigation screen to access and use Channel One video content.

Classroom TVs (see diagram)

  • Televisions are color, cable ready sets. You can set them up for local cable plus you can add/delete channels (contact the Help Desk at 800.251.4039 for instructions}.
  • Each television is equipped with a special chip that automatically powers the TV on when the PLAY button is pressed on the head-end unit.
  • One classroom television is provided for every 23 students in grades 6-12.

New in 2007/2008: Digital Recorder/Head-end (DRH)
(see diagram)

  • A Thomson Digital Video Recorder (DVR) that records, stores, and plays Channel One News and Channel One Connection content.
  • Hard disk enabling programming to be stored directly on the DRH so there’s never a need to rewind tapes and the video quality doesn’t degrade over time with use.
  • Satellite receiver and other major system components such as amplifiers, modulators, and many, many more.

We Provide Ongoing Support Services:

Toll free Help Desk service is available at 800.251.4039 or via e-mail to PLUS we have a team of service technicians ready to be dispatched whenever needed.

In Return. Your School Promises to:

  • Show Channel One News to students on at least 90% of school days while students are in a classroom.
  • Designate a staff member to be the Key Operator who activates Channel One News daily and reports malfunctions {800-251.40391 within 48 hours.

Press PREVIEW to Pre-screen Channel One News:

  • Manually power on the preview monitor or the nearest classroom TV and make sure it is tuned to your school’s designated channel (either 3 or 4).
  • Press the PREVIEW button on the head-end unit to activate the show.

Figure: Play and Preview

Press PLAY to Show the News to Entire School:

  • Press the PLAY button on the head-end unit.
  • All the classroom TVs will automatically power on at the beginning of the News and power off at the end.

Showing Channel One News to Specific Classrooms.

If your school doesn’t utilize a homeroom period or if you have converted to a block schedule, you may need to set up a broadcast schedule for more than one showing each day. Here’s how:

  • Distribute a viewing schedule to teachers.
  • Press the PREVIEW button on the head-end unit.
  • Since teachers will need to manually power on the TV at their designated time and tune to your designated channel (either 3 or 4), we recommend you precede each viewing with an announcement.

Utilizing Channel One Connection to Build a Comprehensive Video Library. Cost-free.

  • Channel One Connection is a free service connecting teachers to valuable educational video resources.
  • Literally hundreds of high-powered titles, correlated to core curricula, are transmitted via satellite annually.
  • Program guide posters are mailed in advance and can be viewed at

Click Here
for a quick guide on how to play and record
Channel One Connection videos

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