China’s Treasures: Art and Artifacts


One of the world’s oldest civilizations, China has amassed a wealth of artistic and cultural traditions over the centuries. Explore Chinese art and artifacts and learn about everything from jade carving to brush painting.


Gallery: China's Treasures


There are many legends in China about how silk was discovered -- China has been harvesting the power of silk worms for thousands of years. During the Han Dynasty the Silk Road was built to trade the precious material with the West.


Traditional Chinese brush painting has been practiced in China for more than six thousand years. Subject matters range from religious themes to landscapes and nature.


Porcelain (a translucent piece of ceramic ware) is commonly referred to as "china" because it originated in China -- some believe porcelain was produced as early as the 16th century B.C.


Jade has been used in China for thousands of years -- it is considered more valuable than gold or diamonds. The stone is used to create ornaments, ceremonial weapons, and ritual objects.

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