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May 26, 2014
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Christian Burghardt

For Christian Burghardt, it all started with his mom.

He explained: “she wanted me to play the saxophone, so that’s when I learned how to read music and play with a band. I did that for two or three years, but I got distracted with sports.”

cb-album-cover-2“In 8th grade,” something changed. A few of his “buddies played a bunch of Green Day songs at a school talent show. I immediately wanted to learn how to play the guitar,” Burghardt shared.

“YouTube became my best friend.” He would watch videos of his favorite songs to learn how to play a particular chord. “The first song I learned was ‘Time of Your Life’” by, of course, Green Day. And it wasn’t long after that that he was writing his own stuff.

At his high school graduation, he played an original song with a friend. Another student’s father who was in the crowd “thought we had something” and became their manager. “I was 18 at the time and I wanted to stick with it, but my parents were against it.” They wanted him to go to college.

As a pre-med student and football player, however, he set aside music once again. There just wasn’t time.

“I was a walk-on tailback, but I got injured during practice.” Without the right insurance to pay for a surgery, he ended up spending a lot of time in a dorm room. Suddenly, he had time and energy and “that guitar in the corner started to look really friendly.”

Now, he’s finished an EP and starting the process of releasing tracks and playing shows. For Burghardt, two critical things had to happen to get him here. The first is that he bought Pro Tools early on. “I’ve been recording my stuff since college. Having 60-70 recorded demos, ready to share, has been a big advantage.”

He also, “had management early on. Someone who would be honest with me — friends and family will tell you they love something, but you need a pro to give you some tough love — it helps you improve. It’s a big part of my process.”

Check out tracks from the EP below, and keep up with Burghardt on his websiteFacebook pageTwitter feed and of course, YouTube channel. You can also download a free .mp3 of his newly released track, “Safe Place to Land,” right here.

“Safe Place to Land”

“Only I Could Know”




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