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February 11, 2012
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Christine Marie


If you’ve ever dreamed of singing like the Little Mermaid, 17-year-old country singer Christine Marie can totally relate. We caught up with the San Diego native after a 28-day school trip to Europe. Marie chatted with us about her fun trip abroad, passion for singing, recording in Nashville and starting her senior year of high school. And really, who doesn’t want to know more about a girl who wants to belt it out like Ariel?

Inspired by the “Under the Sea” Disney princess, Marie’s music career began at six, when she joined a local musical-theater company. By the time she was 10, she’d found a new inspiration on land. “I wanted to be Kelly Clarkson,” Marie said in a phone interview. She enjoyed singing pop for a few years, but she didn’t tap into her own creativity until she began playing guitar and turned to country music.

“I felt when I was doing pop, I was trying to be Kelly Clarkson,” she said, “but when I switched to country, I felt like I could be my own person.” Since then Marie has been writing songs and recording music. Her parents have helped every step of the way, especially her mother, who is also her manager. “They are my support,” she said. “It’s a crazy dream to have and their support is really great. I couldn’t do it without them.”

Marie has won several singing competitions, including Hollywood’s Best New Talent competition in 2008. She counts LeAnn Rimes and Carrie Underwood as influences, but she adores the classics. “I was raised on George Strait, Garth Brooks and Keith Urban,” she said. “Keith Urban has been my biggest inspiration.”

Marie is not only on her way to becoming a country star, she’s also a good student and served in her school’s student government.

With brains, talent and a voice that will surely rock the radio, don’t miss this young rising star’s video blogs, concert dates and more on her website
Christa Fletcher

“Boys Behind the Radio”


“Let’s Do Somethin’ About It”


After spending 28 days in six countries in Europe, we asked Christine which country she visited was her favorite.

Christine Marie: "Morocco was my favorite. It was the only one that felt like a foreign place. Obviously the food was amazing and the people were so friendly and very welcoming. It was a great experience!"

When she's stateside and it comes to writing music, Christina Marie has had many inspirations, from the Little Mermaid and Kelly Clarkson, to Leann Rimes and Keith Urban -- but what is it like when she writes her songs and takes the stage? We asked so you'd know the answers.

What's your creative process like?

Christine Marie: "Usually it starts with an idea, the idea sits in my brain for a couple of days. I really like to write letters, it helps get the ideas out. And, sometimes it starts with my guitar."

Quick Fact: Did you know Christine Marie named her guitar after the lead singer of Rascal Flatts? Yep. She calls it "Gary."

What's your favorite thing about performing on stage?

Christine Marie: "Interacting with the audience -- seeing the audience sing along with my songs is the weirdest and coolest thing."

If you could perform with anybody who would you choose?

Christine Marie: "Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood -- and Taylor Swift would be so fun. She's great onstage. I've seen her four or five times. Once, during her show, she walked down the aisle and hugged me. It was awesome."


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