Christa Fletcher
February 13, 2012
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Christmas Compilation


It’s beginning to feel a lot like the holidays — especially with Fearless Records’ compilation ‘Tis the Season to be Fearless. The album includes festive songs by Amely, The Main, Let’s Get It and Artist Versus Poet. The album marks the first compilation by the record company, with eight tracks.

“Christmas Time Again,” is a great track, surely to become a holiday favorite to add to your collection. Performed by Amely, the pop-punk song brews excitement and will be perfect on those long drives to visit family for the holidays, or while you’re decorating the tree with your siblings. “Ho Ho Hopefully” by The Maine, contrasts the energy of Amely’s track with an acoustic sound and more sentimental lyrics. “Christmas With You” evokes the traditional hope and affection of the holidays with a pop-rock flare by Artist Versus Poet. Next, “Down to Us” brings a slightly harder edge to the compilation. This alternative track by Let’s Get It, could be played any time of year.

While the songs each play tribute to classic holiday fare, each is an original with the style and spirit of the band singing them. Whether they are upbeat and infused with electric guitar, or acoustic and sentimental, this compilation offers a variety without ever being cheesy. And, who can deny the humor in some of these refreshing songs available on iTunes? We hope you enjoy this creative yuletide album as much we will. Have a wonderful holiday!

Christa Fletcher

“Ho Ho Hopefully”

“Christmas Time Again”

“Christmas with You”

“Down to Us”

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