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Social networking is as prevalent as texting, but what about social studying? No, we’re not talking about a marathon history study session — we’re talking about students who take notes for classes and sell them online. New sites like provide class notes by students for students… at a price.

Though the concept is nothing new — sites similar to Note-Utopia exist at colleges with the help of students and professors — these social studying websites also allow students to discuss the classes with each other online. However, some schools find the practice controversial; they do not believe students should earn money from their teacher’s information and are threatening expulsion to students caught selling class notes.

Do you think buying and selling class notes is wrong? Should students be expelled for sharing or purchasing notes? Or do you think this is just another way for students to connect and share information?

Whatever you thoughts are, we want to hear them! Vote in the poll or leave us a comment with your opinion below.


"They are YOUR notes therefore YOU should be able to do what you wish with them."

--Gary, 15, NJ


"It is not an honest way to make money. It is one thing to loan notes but to sell them is wrong. The professor is the one who should be getting that money."

--Sydney, 14, NC


"I think you should be able to sell them because after you write them they are your notes and you can do whatever you want with them. No matter what the teachers say. Its our right."

--Sarah, 16, TN


"I don't think you should buy notes because taking them yourself in class helps you learn the material better."

--Kayla, 16, LA


"I think students should be allowed to sell notes because some people might be absent and wouldn't be able to learn what they missed. If they can buy notes."

--Ian, 11, NC


"I think that we shouldn't be able to sell our notes because the notes that we sell may have the wrong information and might get the person who bought the notes a bad grade."

--Enzo, 11, FL


"It is your knowledge so you should be able to do whatever you want with it. "

--Ellie, 12, VA


"I hate the idea of selling class notes for a profit. If they allowed it nobody would have a reason for going to class and they also would not need a reason to pay attention in class. Someone else is pretty much doing all of your work for you."

--Jessica, 16, FL


"I am neutral. I mean it's not right to sell your notes, but at the same time it is YOUR notes, so I think it's not up to the school board and all to make your own decisions."

--Nikki, 12, LA


"You did have to pay for classes in the first place. You are paying attention and doing the right thing by taking notes and you should be able to make money off your effort. If you can share notes for free why can't you sell notes for money?"

--Bobby, 12, SC

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