Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Must Win?


Professional football players are suffering from brain damage after years of getting hit harder and harder. Cyclists are stripped of medals after being accused of doping. Olympic teams are disqualified after losing on purpose to be matched against teams that are easier to beat.

And when those examples are your athletic role models, what’s a young athlete to think? In the past, experts have warned that our “everybody gets a trophy” culture has done too much to make kids feel good about themselves for accomplishing very little. It’s pretty clear, however, that when you get into more elite competition, the expectations for higher, faster, stronger just don’t stop. Mixed messages to say the least.

Which is why a story like Meghan Vogel’s gets so much attention. But we want to know what you think about the issue. Is the pressure to win too big? Or is it just inevitable that good sportsmanship will eventually fall by the wayside? Vote in the poll to tell us what you think and leave a comment with your thoughts. Be sure to include your first name, age and state if you want your comment to be used on the show.



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