April 8, 2013
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“Touring is a really good adventure if you stay in a positive mindset. The travel can be a mystery unfolding in itself,” shared Cloud Cult’s Craig Minowa in a recent phone interview. That sentiment can also apply to the band as a whole, which unfolded after he “wrote and recorded a solo studio project. I got some interest from labels but I needed a touring band, so I put ads out for musicians, and now we’re on our 10th album.”

He started playing young. “I found out at an early age that music had an effect on me like nothing else in the world so I started writing and creating things.” After starting on a piano (his mother plays) he “picked up the violin in fourth grade. I played the orchestral bass in junior high. I was going to drop it, but my conductor talked me into staying with it.” He then went on to study music composition and environmental science in college.

That turned out to be another stop along the path. “When it was time to manufacture the CD, I wanted an environmentally friendly way to do it but I couldn’t find a company who could do it green.” So he figured out how to make it happen himself, and since then, “other bands have come to me” to produce the same kind of packaging for them. But now, obviously “in the digital world, .mp3s have the smallest footprint.”

Another element which unfolded for them are their stage shows, which often incorporate art. Minowa explained, “my first band in high school had one member who was passionate about painting. I was then dating a girl, who is now my wife, who was also an artist. So the painting while playing thing sort of came together.”

Their latest “album came out March 5th. Our last one was higher on the billboard charts than we expected,” which was nice and they have similar hopes for Love. The charts, however, aren’t always that important. Minowa knows that the music business is “really competitive. People will tell you you can’t make it, but if you’re passionate, you’ll make it because you’ll put yourself into it.” You can find out more about them on their website, and keep up with the band on their Facebook page and Twitter feed.


“Good Friend”

“It Take a Lot”





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