May 16, 2013

Cloud Homework


AJ Bray: I don’t have to be, like, at school. Just anywhere with a computer, I can pull up the same assignment.

Julian: At Cole High School in San Antonio, students are finding their homework assignments in the Cloud.

Max Gorham: By doing it on the Cloud, students always have their work. As long as they have their netbooks or they can log in.

Julian: Cole High School is part of a school district that was awarded more than $2 million in a grant from the U.S. Defense Department. With that money, more than 400 students were given their own Google Chrome netbooks. And they have already begun to see some big advantages with Cloud computing. If the computer crashes, they still have all their work saved in the Cloud. They can also do their homework together while still being at home.

Jamie Douglas: And then she was able to make her corrections, or I was able to help other people with their corrections, at the same time and were all, like, opening the same document but we’re in different parts of San Antonio.

Julian: And the students at Cole High say the Cloud may be just be the start of what could be other high-tech ways to do homework.

Student: You can just, like, pull it up in your head and there’s all your documents, just by thinking about it.

Student: I’m thinking they’re going to do something 3D, like were it pops out and it, like, types. That would be pretty legit.

Julian: The Texas school district is planning on expanding Cloud homework to the middle school with student access to iPads as early as next year.

Gorham: I love it. I love it, I love it, I love it. Give me more! Give me more technology!

Julian: Julian Dujarric, Channel One News.


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