Maggie Rulli
September 18, 2013

Coffee Changeover Day


Sure, there are things like weathermen and dates on a calendar, but I always mark the true start of fall by one thing: Hot coffee.

One day, it’s hot, you’re slamming an ice coffee and the thought of a hot drink sounds revolting. Then suddenly, you see that cup of steaming java and it looks like the most beautiful thing in the world. Yup…that’s when I know fall has truly arrived.

This week was my turning point. Yet, just like all changes in life (a deep metaphor is about to happen here people…wait for it) you resist at first and feel indecisive. You’re unsure about what this next phase will bring. You get nervous and exciting all at the same time. There are so many possibilities for success and so many chances for failure. Everything is up for grabs.

Well luckily for me, this change was marked by coffee. So I just got both. I’ll wait until next week and let future Maggie deal with the full on Hot Coffee Changeover to fall.

Your Turn: Any big changes happening for you? Or you can just tell me if you’ve made the switch to hot coffee yet…I think both are equally important.

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