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February 1, 2012
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Colin Healy


Lunch time at Colin Healy’s school was more than a time to wait in line at the cafeteria for mystery meat, or sit at the “cool table.” For this musician, it changed his life. Singer-songwriter Colin Healy started his career as a singer-songwriter and guitarist when his sister signed him up to play a lunch time performance at their school. “She signed me up without me knowing,” he said in an interview. “So you can imagine me, a little freshman, going up and playing in front of everyone. I was super nervous, it was ridiculous.”

Healy’s nervousness eventually fell away even though his sister made posters and let everyone know about his upcoming performance, “I started off by playing one of the first songs that I’ve ever written, ‘Breakthrough,’ which is now on the EP for the Colin Healy and the Jetskis release.” This serendipitous beginning led to jam sessions with classmates after school and later, the formation of his band with his friends (aka the “Jetskis.”) Though Healy is pursuing his own solo career now, his friends remain a constant source of support for him.

In addition to his friends, Colin Healy finds inspiration from his artistic family. “I’ve always had creativity flowing through my blood, but really, it was in school when I just got to see other people playing music.” He added, “I fell in love with it.” Since graduating from high school and starting his recording career, Healy’s passion for music education has blossomed as well. He now volunteers his time encouraging high school students in Virginia to play by organizing school events and in the near future, school concerts. His hope is to promote music in schools, despite the budget cuts that have eliminated music programs.

Christa Fletcher


“Or Just Don’t Go”

“The One”




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