Karen Knapstein
September 11, 2013

College Rankings Released

Across the country, smoking bans on college campuses are on the rise.

This year’s list of what are arguably the country’s top colleges has just been released, and for anyone in the process of applying to schools right about now (you have our sympathy!), it’s a pretty big announcement.

Who made the top 10 this year? Drumroll, please:

1. Princeton University

2. Harvard University 

3. Yale University 

4. Columbia University 

5. Stanford University

Want to know more? Or find out where your dream school ranks? Click over to the U.S. News site and do some exploring.

2 comments on “College Rankings Released

  1. lou lou

    yall should do someting on the best vet schools there are really alot of people intrested in vet school bun inf is soo hard to find


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