February 18, 2012
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Collin McLoughlin


For 23-year-old singer Collin McLoughlin, his early music lessons paid off. “Even though learning the basics was boring, now, it’s worth it, because I understand the basics” and can play lots of different things. “You have to start with the skills, and then the fun stuff can come later.”

He has put the skills he aquired to good use since then. In high school, he played guitar in an improv ensemble and in college, he quickly hooked up with band members and formed Fourte, which let them tour with major acts around the country. After graduation, Collin started to study music business at NYU, but soon realized his heart was in creating music (though he does have plans to finish). He left school and went to work on an EP — “Stark Perspective.”

Influenced by a wide range of musicians, from John Mayer and Jason Derulo to Drake and Kanye, his electro-folk sound is all his own. But listening for yourself is always a better idea — you can check out three tracks from the new EP here.

“Can’t You See”

“Keep on Sleeping”





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