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July 31, 2013
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Few bands can claim a sold-out debut performance, but Colourslide, an alternative band from Gainesville, Florida, opened to a packed crowd the Florida Marlins would envy. Though they are humble about it, the band’s success quickly became a home run with 30 TV spots on networks like MTV, ESPN, E! and Oxygen. To top off their first inning in the music industry, they also scored a gig on the 2008 Vans Warped Tour and Milwaukee’s Summerfest.

Before band members Alex Lawhon, Dean Newman and Steve Julian began playing together, Newman and Julian were in another band for a few years called Time. Once the band split, they needed a new lead singer for their next iteration — Colourslide. The duo met vocalist Alex Lawhon through a mutual friend. They made the perfect team and soon put out their first self-titled album. Since then, they’ve been working on their second self-titled album, Everybody’s Right About Everybody.

After the release of the band’s debut album, ESPN played some of their songs during their NASCAR and Major League Baseball coverage. Clearly, it was a smart play since networks like music magnate MTV also put them up to bat.

However, the band’s stage presence and strong alternative sound isn’t the only thing fans and critics enjoy. Colourslide’s song “Wake Up Call” won the Song of the Year in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest. It’s refreshing to hear a rookie band that knows how to play with the pros.

Listen for yourself! We’ve included three of their tracks below.



Lost Again

Wake Up Call


Meet the Band

Alex Lawhon -- Vox
Dean Newman -- Guitar
Steve Julian -- Drums


"The three things that every great band has are a resolute love of their art, extraordinary songs, and a mind blowing live show. I think we have all of those things...apparently I'm not the only one."
-Alex Lawhon


"They were a band looking for a singer and I was a singer looking for a band," says Alex Lawhon of joining Colourslide.



Colourslide (2007)

And, coming soon: Everybody's Right About Everybody in fall 2009.

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