May 22, 2012

Commencement in Joplin


President Obama: What’s clear is that you’re the source of inspiration today to me, to the state, to the country and the people all over this world.

Josh: For students at Joplin High in Missouri, last night’s commencement speech from President Obama was bittersweet.

When the tornado struck on graduation day here last year, Quinton Anderson lost not just his school and his home, but his parents as well.

After huddling with them in the hallway, the next thing this 17-year-old high school football player remembers is waking up in the hospital with a broken back, a fractured skull and his older sister telling him what he had lost.

Quinton Anderson: I knew my parents were dead and the house was gone. It was just kind of like the realization, like, I’m an orphan now. I just have my sister.

Josh: With their school demolished, these 428 graduating seniors attended their last year of classes inside a strip mall.

Quinton is now heading to college with two goals: to become a molecular biologist, and to make his parents proud.

Quinton: You don’t really realize how much your parents do for you until they’re not here anymore.

Josh: Josh Zepps, Channel One News.



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