May 21, 2013

Community College Class Crunch


Scott: At City College of San Francisco, students like Sirdenzel Lumsey know firsthand that classes are sometimes hard to come by.

Sirdenzel Lumsey: I am trying not to let it get to me, but it’s frustrating at times though.

Scott: Because Sirdenzel could not get his Math 3E class last year, his transfer to a four-year college might be delayed.

Sirdenzel: I had to, like, postpone and put everything on hold and just, like, basically start over again.

Scott: First-year student Armenthia Ford had trouble getting into an English class.

Armenthia Ford: You have to have a Plan B. So, if you don’t have a Plan B then I don’t know where you are at. But I have a Plan B, so… Yeah, I’m okay.

Scott: It is a problem being faced by community colleges around the nation. More students are enrolling but the schools are getting less funding.

Marie Foster-Gnage: Well, it’s an impact on the education system but it is an impact economically because what we are looking at is if we can’t educate people so that they can fill jobs, or that they can –  so that they can create jobs, then we are going to end up is some economic challenges to our universe.

Scott: The gap has states taking action. In California, lawmakers are considering a plan that would allow the states’ 112 community colleges to offer those hard-to-get classes during summer or winter breaks. But there is a catch. Those classes would have to be self-supporting, which means that all students would have to pay that higher non-resident rate for those classes.

Supporters of the plan say it would help make sure students have access to the needed classes. Opponents fear it would favor students who can afford to pay for the higher fees, leaving behind students who already struggle to pay for their education.

Armenthia: I mean, who can afford it? I mean, no one barely can afford college now.

Scott: Scott Evans, Channel One News.


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