October 28, 2013

Concussion Basics


A concussion is an injury to the brain that is usually caused by a blow to the head and as many as 10 percent of athletes in contact sports experience one each year. In fact, a 2007 Ohio State University study showed that “sports are second only to motor vehicle crashes as the leading cause of traumatic brain injury among people aged 15 to 24 years.”

While a concussion can be serious or minor…you won’t know either way until you see a doctor. And with 4 in 10 high school athletes returning to the field before it’s safe after a blow to the head, according to the Center for Injury Research and Policy, it’s important to have a proper diagnosis.

Take the quiz below to learn the signs and symptoms of a concussion so you’ll know what to do if you or a friend might have one. However, ALWAYS err on the side of caution when it comes to a head injury. If you think you might need to see a doctor, you probably should. 

Signs of a Concussion

Know how to spot the signs so you can get the medical attention you need.




A growing concern for high school students, a concussion is a brain injury due to ...


Players are rethinking careers in football over the risks of permanent damage.

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