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July 24, 2013
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Connor Desai


Seattle-based Connor Desai is more than a singer-songwriter. She’s also a guitarist and artist with a passion for the art of live performance.

Desai’s soulful and folk career began early, with a public performance at the age of three. Since then, she’s written, recorded and released music emulating her music influences like Steely Dan, Kansas and Victoria Williams. Her first album, a self-titled EP, was met with much acclaim from Smother Magazine and Sony. Her song “Will You Love” was even specially released by the company.

Connor Desai’s music is reminiscent of Norah Jones’ rich melodies, complimented by Desai’s voice which harkens back to some of Sheryl Crow’s early pop-rock. The best part of Desai’s second album, Use Your Hands, is the range of her songs. Her refreshing sounds provide a nice variety — whether they are upbeat and ranging near pop, or more slow and contemplative.

We’re thinking she’s the perfect new addition to our playlists, and yours. Give her tracks below a listen.


Say It Again

When You Go


North Bend 

Stairwell in a Happy Home 


Connor Desai is a Seattle-based singer/songwriter/guitarist whose sophomore album Use Your Hands will be independently released on June 15, 2010.

In addition to her own ventures, Connor can be found among the credits as a vocal contributor on several of Seattle's favorite indie-releases, including Mr. Twit's "International Rock and Roll," Leanne Wilkins' "Waterwheel," and Bruce Elzinga's "New Day."


"I don't usually do covers but I always appreciate them. I think covers provide a marker by which to gauge a musician's unique voice, and as a lesser-known artist it was important for me to do one," says Connor.

Besides writing, recording, and co-producing her latest effort, Connor loves the art of live performance and has appeared at the infamous Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles, and several Seattle landmarks including The Tractor Tavern, Nectar Lounge, Fado Irish Pub, Lucid Jazz Club, and two consecutive years in Seattle's ParkTunes Festival.


Connor Desai's first release, an eponymous EP, met critical acclaim and downright beguiled a number of jaded music writers. Smother Magazine said "Connor Desai portrays a sound that’s somewhere lost between pop, indie folk, and vocal jazz. Sort of like if Norah Jones had never been discovered and was forced to record in her Brooklyn apartment"; and Reviewer Magazine called it "(A)n impressive debut. Seattle's Desai makes dreamily soulful jazz/pop, reminiscent of Norah Jones or Feist."

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