Copyright Crackdown


In a move to combat illegal downloads of their content, the entertainment industry is partnering with internet service providers to develop what they call a “copyright alert system.” Users who violate copyright laws will now receive warnings, be forced to watch videos about the issue and their internet speed will be slowed after multiple violations.

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2 comments on “Copyright Crackdown

  1. Jarrod

    I reciantly watched a new movie on netflix that just came out on disc and I strews this on my phone so how is that wrong

  2. Marcus Arnett

    Look, Channel One (or whoever made this). Let’s talk one on one, alright.
    Copyright is a very touchy subject in congress, especially online. In the world of the internet, people will get screwed over by larger corporations, even if they use Fair Use correctly. You’ve got to recognize that Fair Use doesn’t only apply to educational usage, rather it covers a lot of items including satire, parody, review, and criticism. Right now, companies like Viacom are going after people who are protected under Fair Use. And guess what, Fair Use also covers people who use copyrighted work as well. Like for example, if I were to make a review of a show, let’s say… The Big Bang Theory, and I wanted to use clips of the show to illustrate my points better. Maybe even some music from the show as my background music just to make my review a bit more lively. So anyways, I make my reivew, and then I post it onto YouTube. I go to bed afterwards, and I wake up the next day to find that I’ve been sent a copyright notification from Fox for that review. Note that this review has not been monetized by me. So I go and file a counter to their claim saything that I’m protected under Fair Use and that this show is up for criticism and review according to it. So after a week or two, I find that I have a strike on my channel from them, so I send in the same thing as a false DMCA notification. I wait even longer (around a month or two) and I finally get the strike removed and my video back up and running. See how much effort it takes to battle over my rights to a review that was protected under Fair Use. This is why I think companies need to recognize Fair Use as not only for educational purposes, but for people who want to praise it with reviews of it and people who want the show to improve. See what my point is.


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