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Channel One News segments have been produced to align with Common Core State Standards as well as other state and national standards. Our video content and educational resources are focused on STEM, Language Arts and Social Studies as well as aligned to anchor standards in Critical Thinking, Media Literacy, Technology, College and Career Readiness, Communication and Collaboration goals. You can use this convenient search tool, powered by EdGate, for curriculum planning and to find the CCSS or state and national standards covered by our daily video.

How to use this tool

Standards Search:

First, under the Standards category of interest, enter your state, then enter your grade level, and next the subject area along with any relevant key words, and it will produce a list of specific standards relevant to your state and grade.

Content Search:

Under Channel One Content Search first enter your grade level and the subject, along with any relevant key words, and it will produce a list of relevant Channel One video segments that fulfill your curricular needs.

Click on the Category to expand/collapse the list. Click on any link to go directly to that item OR click on the “View Standards” icon  to find standards that correlate to that item.

If you go directly to a segment, scroll to the bottom of the curriculum material and click the + next to the EdGate logo. This will allow you to enter your state and grade level to get the specific correlations for that segment.    

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