February 26, 2012
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Country Mice


“I grew up on a farm in rural, northeastern Kansas. When I was about 13, I picked up my Grandpa’s guitar and never looked back” shared Country Mice front man Jason Rueger. And by never looked back, he means he kept playing and writing songs through high school (where he watched Channel One News!) and college (where he studied journalism) before moving to Brooklyn, finding an internship in the industry (and drummer Kurt Kuehn), putting together his current band and hitting the road. With one album, “Twister,” out and getting great reviews, including being on a ton of ‘best of’ lists for 2011, the four-man band which also includes Ben Bullington and Mike Feldmanare, are now headed to L.A. to record something new, with an as-yet-undisclosed producer, no less.

Don’t let their Midwestern by way of Brooklyn roots decieve you, however. These guys don’t sound like country and they certainly don’t sound like mice. They sound more like ’60s folk singers mixed with Jack White, which makes sense when Jason talks about his influences. He does a lot of the writing, along with Ben. Their songs focus on their lives and are about things like displacement, moving from a small town to a big city and about living away from family.

With all that in mind, the band is on track to have “a really cool 2012,” which started with a sold-out show at the Mercury Lounge just last week. Want to know more? You can hear four of their tracks here and can check out their¬†Facebook¬†page to keep up with their tour dates. This is one, if they come to your midwestern town (or any other city), you don’t want to miss.

“Morning Son”








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