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July 24, 2013
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Courtney Jones


There’s nothing like a night of karaoke to humble one’s singing abilities. But for Courtney Jones, that common experience was the beginning of her career in music.

Jones comes from a music-oriented family in Oregon. Her mother and grandmother are music teachers and she, along with her siblings, participated in their school choirs and bands. However, it was singing karaoke with her father that gave rise to her desire to be a professional vocalist.

Few can say their first gig was performing karaoke covers at a local pizza parlor. However, Jones also participated in the time-honored tradition of many teens — the high school musical. Even though she didn’t land lead roles, Jones played extras and later scored two big roles in Brigadoon and as Helen Keller in the Miracle Worker. Though she played a mute, Jones could not be silenced for long.

“I’m not naturally an attention-wanting person,” Jones said, adding, “I’m not good at many things, but I feel like I have a good handle on music.” By the time she finished three semesters of college, Jones hatched a new plan — to make music her full-time job. Deciding to leave college was a difficult choice, but Jones decided to pursue music in her own way. With the support of her family and friends, she began working on her first album, Awake & Dreaming.

Courtney Jones thinks of her inspiration for lyrics as bits of “code” she fits together in a few hours, but when she wrote Awake & Dreaming, Jones said it came to her in a “magical” way — not in fragments or a single idea, but in full — as she was on a flight. With only her boarding pass to write on, she let the lyrics flow onto the paper and later become her title track.

Jones’ independent mind and take on the music scene strikes us as old-school in a refreshing way. She enjoys testing new material live. “Music is meant to be heard and I want it to be, not thrown together and disorganized, but I want people to hear it,” she explained.

Jones’ optimism and determination are tempered by her realism. “Music kicks my butt, bit it’s so rewarding.” This delicate balance could be just the right formula for Jones.

Here’s to hoping she’ll crack the music industry code!


Location: Salem, Oregon

Notable Recording Session:

Creating "Weightless"

Big Break:

* Featured on XM Satellite Radio & CBS Radio affiliates

Stage Presence: Focuses by closing her eyes.


* Awake & Dreaming (2008)

* The One - EP (2006)


Lyrics: "See Me"

Words & Music by Courtney Jones

Familiar, it's all so Familiar here Unchanging, you are so Unchanging dear

And I'm waiting on an answer That I know may never be And I know at least right now You don't see me

See me, see me, please Of all the things you see, See me

I won't, no I won't, I can't give up now I will, I will get through to you Somehow

And I'm waiting on an answer That I know may never be And I know at least right now You don't see me


Someone has taken Your heart and attention So what else can I do Except wait for you to


One look could set me free Of all the things you see, See me

Copyright 2007 courtneyjonesmusic (BMI)


Lyrics: "Awake & Dreaming"

Words & Music by Courtney Jones

Engine out the window until morning. Couple thousand miles more is nothing. I'm steady as the cities pass beneath And We'll see what tomorrow's sunset brings

Chorus: Don't mind me, I'm awake and dreaming Of a day unknown Don't mind me, I'm awake and dreaming Of the day when I can call you home

On this journey to see who I am I'm catching sleep wherever I can & I'm not looking for the next best thing But we'll see what tomorrow's sunset brings


On my way, so I'd like to say But it's all based on your point of view And I can fly and stay up all night But it doesn't get me closer to you

Every chair and mind is occupied Overhead the diamonds and the lights I sink into my seat here on the wings And we'll see what tomorrow's sunset brings


Copyright 2007 courtneyjonesmusic (BMI)



Missy Higgins

Butterfly Boucher


Patty Griffin

Fleetwood Mac


KT Tunstall

Sarah McLachlan


"Courtney has been one of the most surprisingly magical "Finds" in my quest to put together the perfect soundtrack for my film, Cosmic Radio. Her voice and songwriting style are a gift to the project, and she easily holds her own among the "Big Name" talents filling out the film's score."

-Stephen Savage, Writer/Director of "Cosmic Radio"

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