September 3, 2012
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Crashing Broadway


For most bands, being on the road can be rough. Crashing Broadway is no exception. When we spoke with TeeJ, he was stuck on the side of the road twenty minutes outside of Kansas City with a broken down van. “I have never done anything more difficult, but it’s also very rewarding. I love playing music” he shared.

The band is his project, put together over the course of a few years until he got the lineup right, which was capped off when Kayce, who is from Talladega, Alabama joind. TeeJ himself is from Tupelo, Miss.(like Elvis!) and started playing the guitar around 14, writing songs a few years later. Now, he and Kayce “work together on songs — we do 100% of the writing. We write about topics that relate to people, we want to make them think ‘I just went through this’ or ‘I was struggling.’” Some of our song can be “very personal.” At least one is written for the troops. And of course, they have a cover of “Jailhouse Rock.”

Their album came out about a year ago, and its “starting to get the push it needs.” They feel if they can get enough people to listen to it, “It’s just going to blow up.” And that’s what they’re doing now, out on the road, buidling their base one fan at a time. Which brings us back to touring. “Paying your dues is a tough lifestyle. But the 45 minutes on stage is fantastic. ”

You can hear more from the band here, or on their YouTube channel.

“Always Angels”

“Best of Me”

“Freedom to Choose”

“Slow Motion”




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