Credit Card Traps


Temptation is everywhere. From sales at your favorite stores, to commercials while you’re watching The Office – the invitation to buy is ever-present and ever-expensive.

Even though credit cards may seem like the answer to your must-have-that-hot-leather-jacket problem, the truth is, credit cards will create more problems than they solve. The idea of having what you want immediately (and paying it off over time) is appealing, but with credit cards you end up paying a lot more than you’d think.

Unfortunately, many people fall into the trap of credit card debt. The average American household is $9,200 in debt, according to CNN Money. That means many people try to live outside of their means by spending more than they earn. To compensate for the extras they can’t really afford, they use credit cards.

There is good news out there, however. In May, Congress passed a law known as the Credit Card Act of 2009 that sets up new rules to protect consumers from some of the worst offenses credit card issues have been a part of.

And, one of the biggest pieces of news out there is that in our new economy, fewer Americans are falling prey to credit card companies by lusting after an Italian leather jacket or craving the new Jordans. Some do not use credit cards and have avoided the common gimmicks that entice people to apply for credit. Getting a job after school and saving your money is the safest alternative to charge cards. As a young consumer, avoid credit card temptation and take this quiz to see if you can spot the bait.

Credit Card Traps

Find out whos in charge of your charge card.


Young people who have had a tough time with credit cards.

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