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One of President Obama’s priorities has become creating laws that better protect consumers from sometimes predatory credit card companies. Included in this plan are age restrictions on how old someone must be before they’re allowed to have a card.

Some argue that a law like that would be unfair — many parents allow their children to have a card to teach them about credit, and some young people have their own cards to build good credit scores and for other financial reasons.

Do you think there should be laws to protect young people from abusing credit? Share your thoughts with us via votes and comments below.


"I don't think that you should have to be 18 to have a credit card because if your young and mature then why should you have to wait? You should be responsible and if you aren't then too bad."

--Kristen, 14, LA


" I personally feel that 18 is the right age to get your 1st credit card you are starting to get out on your own and you have to learn to control your spending. It is good for some but not for all. I think that it is not the age that makes the difference, it is maturity of the person. If you can not afford to pay for the things you are buying then you should not charge it."

--Melany-Ann, 18, PA


"Eighteen is not too young. People turn 18 and think that since they're legal adults, they should have all the freedom of adults. If they want the freedoms they should deal with the consequences."

--Dylan, 17, IN


"The responsibility of credit should be upon persons with the ability and resources to pay the bill."

--Tedric, 17, MS


"I think that you should be able to get a credit card when you are 18 because you are legally an adult and my need help paying for things."

--Jessica, 14, Ohio


" I don't think that 18 is old enough because most people don't have the proper knowledge to use a credit card wisely."

--Emily, 13, UT

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