CSI School


DNA, shoeprints, fiber analysis — evidence from a C.S.I. episode or topics on next year’s bio exam? Maybe both. High schools around the country are now adding forensics to their science curriculum. Just think how much fun it would be to learn how to lift the fingerprints of the person who stole a pair of new sneakers from your locker.

Start out by taking our crash course in forensic science.¬†Find out more about crime scene investigations, including which technology is real — and what’s just made up for television shows like C.S.I.

Sources: “CSI Handbook,”, Dept. of Justice

CSI School

Are you ready for crime scene prime time?

2 comments on “CSI School

  1. dakota cox

    this was a really fun quiz it was tricky but i made a 100% and really looking to go into the field of forensics


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