Cutting into Education


With the current economic situation in our country, schools and communities across the country are being forced to make difficult choices about what to cut and what to keep. Amongst the cuts have been music classes, sports programs, teacher lay offs and even entire schools have been closed.

We know you have examples about how the economy and school budget issues are affecting your class and school.

Tell us what’s happening below. How has your school changed due to the economy? Will there be more changes? What are you most concerned about?


Schools that serve military families are some of the first facing automatic budget cuts.

At this school, making it until graduation wasn't a given.

 School budgets are still coping with shortfalls.

 Protests and rallies were scheduled Wednesday at all 23 California state colleges over budget cuts.

 Some schools are turning to advertisers to make up budget gaps.


A CA school district eliminates sports due to lack of funding.


 Jessica Kumari interviews Secretary of Education Arne Duncan about school budget cuts, "No Child Left ...

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