November 9, 2009

Dance Limits


Across the country, school dance chaperons are being asked to do more than just keep the punch bowl full.

Some schools are asking students to sign a form agreeing to keep their dance moves clean, as some dance styles are getting “dirtier.” Other schools are banning dances altogether, unable or unwilling to ask students to sign a form, but uncomfortable allowing them to dance however they’d like.

Do you have rules like this at your school dances? Should schools ask students to sign something agreeing to keep the dance floor clean? Cast your vote in the poll and share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.


"I'm a student and I think it's good to have fun at dances, but I think there are limits and some people take it way too far. Just chill out. It's a SCHOOL dance, not a club scene."

--Hannah, 15, Ohio


"I think that they shouldn't have limits to dancing because teenagers are just like that and like to dance how ever they want!!"

--Marcella, 15, California


"I think limits are not the way to stop kids from dancing inappropriately because kids will still get away with it. They need to just punish kids that are dancing inappropriately by banning them from the next dance."

--Caleb, 13, Indiana


"They shouldn't put any limits at a dance. Dancing is a way to have fun and express your self. Putting limits on dancing is just stupid."

--Alex, 16, Arizona


"There should be a ban on some dance moves! Watching kids your own age dance like that is revolting and makes others uncomfortable. Dancing is about expressing yourself. But some just take it too far and there needs to be something done about it."

--Maddey, 13, Ohio


"A few rules that limit the bumping and grinding are okay but we don't want to go overboard on rules. :) "

--Destini, 14, Kansas


"Freedom of the feet!"

--Justine, 17, Georgia


"I feel that we are maturing into adulthood and should be able to make our own decisions on the matter. i don't like it when teachers or adult criticize the way youths 'grind.' Adults have acted that way at least once in their life maybe not publicly but what we chose to do with our bodies and how we represent ourselves is our choice. We're just having fun."

--Pat, 17, Michigan


"Dirty dancing is degrading and embarrassing to women. I am relieved when the school enforces limits on the dance floor."

--Julia, 17, Wisconsin

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