Christa Fletcher
January 31, 2012
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Dang We’re On Fire


If there’s one band I’d like to join (if my guitar skills ranged beyond a couple chords), it’d be Dang We’re On Fire. Hailing from Florida, I caught up with the members of this hot new band, Anthony Gardner (vocals/guitar), Greg Kaufman (drums/percussion), Nick Kaufman (guitar/vocals/piano) and Nick Zovath (bass), as they were getting ready for the release of their debut album, an LP with eight songs, and starting their tour on January 29, 2010. “We’re going everywhere,” said Anthony Gardner.

To start, they will play local venues, but the band hopes to also play on the Bamboozle Tour. “Everyone has a band now and it’s a cool thing, but when you watch us play live you can tell we love our music,” Gardner relayed about their live performances. “We have a different attitude, we’re up their just expressing ourselves,” he added. Despite the band’s many influences ranging from bands like Third Eye Blind, Blink 182, and even the likes of Lady Gaga, for these guys, it’s about making and performing music they like, without playing into the rockstar complex. “For us,” explained Greg Kaufman, “it’s about playing our music the way it sounds good, without being flashy.”

Yet, don’t think for a second that this fivesome lacks spark when it comes to having a good time — they take that seriously too. They shared several silly stories with me about life on tour, each touting the benefits of being in a band with good-humored friends. Even the origin of their band name was a joke. Kaufman described the story with a laugh. “After we wrote a really good song, I said, ‘Dang, we’re on fire. Maybe that should be our band name?’” And, as it happened, the name stuck. “I think our name stands out,” added Kaufman.
Whether this band is lighting up the stage with their catchy lyrics and dedication to stellar percussion and strings — or having some memorable guy time, Dang We’re On Fire is ready to ignite on the music scene. Don’t be the last one to wish you were a part of this group.

Fire up the player below to listen to their latest tracks.
Christa Fletcher

“Something San Diego”

“Keep Your Head Up”

“Why All Your Friends Mean Nothing”


“Heart Stopped Beating”


Meet the Band

Anthony Gardner (vocals/guitar),

Greg Kaufman (drums/percussion),

Nick Kaufman (guitar/vocals/piano)

Nick Zovath (bass)


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