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July 31, 2013
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Daphne Willis


In her interview with Channel One, singer-songwriter Daphne Willis told us about her budding career and how much she enjoys creative pow-wows with other artists and songwriters. “We meet up, make demos and keep writing all the time. It’s the only way to improve,” said Willis.

On writing trips like these, Willis becomes inspired and connects with other musicians. “I’ve grown relationships with a great network of people,” she added.

Willis is also a “people person” when it comes to writing lyrics. “I try and write about how we deal with struggles and how we find meaning,” Willis seemed to think aloud. “Everyone wants to be happy.”

For Willis, happiness has been music since she began playing the piano in first grade. She later moved on to the saxophone and guitar.

In 2007, she released her first album, What to Say.

For more on Daphne Willis, click through the slideshow below. Since Willis is so active online, we’ve included links to several of her webpages.

“That’s why I write,” says Willis, “to let people reach me.”



Everybody Else

Jim Thornton


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The twelve tracks on What to Say spotlight her soulful vocals backed by edgy guitar riffs, funky bass lines and Memphis Style horns. From the powerful first single "Bluff" to the heartfelt ballad "Jim Thornton" written for her grandfather who passed away last year.

Daphne Willis encompasses a sophistication and melodic style that matched by few of her age.

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