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May 20, 2013
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Darling Parade

feature-cover-darling-parade“We all used to be in other bands in high school,” explained Darling Parade’s Kristin Kearns. They all lived in southern Illinois where “we would put on shows anywhere we could and pack the room with kids,” she shared. Darling Parade came together when “the most dedicated people from each band” got together. That’s also how they found their sound. Kristin said, “I was into acoustic and pop and everyone else was in hard core metal bands.” After a move to Nashville, were they came together with long-time friend and producer, Jon King, “we developed into a happy medium of radio-friendly pop rock.”

All of their musical starts came in high school. “I realized in high school that the only way to make it was to come up with your own stuff, so I started coming up with progressions. I recorded them with my dad — I was trying to come up with stuff I could play in front of people,” said Kristin. Nate McCoy has a similar story. “I started playing guitar at eighteen. It was the same kind of progression, just much later. I was originally going to be a music teacher,” he shared.

“Nate,” explained Kristin, “is our music theory guy.” The band also includes Casy Conrad, who “was in the drum line in high school. He was the tighest drummer who tried out with us,” shared Kristin and is rounded out by bassist Dustin McCoy. “He has quite the stage presence — all the guys want to be like him.”

After their move, the band “spent a couple of years learning the industry through trial and error. You have to learn the hard was that it takes work and networking.” During that time, they recorded and released three EPs, and now, we’re getting ready to release an album, Battle Scars & Broken Hearts. It’s about that journey. “If you listen to it from start to finish, you’ll know what we’ve been through.” “It was six months in the studio — the daily grind of it. We started writing in May of 2012 and it’s been a long process. We’ve been sitting on it since November or December,” waiting on art and marketing and mastering and all of the stuff that comes with releasing an album. “Going on tour,” shared Nate, “is the best thing we can do. We love getting out there and playing.” The “stories you hear about water being stolen,” are wacky, “we have to print out a ton of set lists, but we also get gifts,” which is great. And “as soon as the album is released, we’re gonna get in our van and hit the road.” They had this to offer as advice. You have to “start out with a great foundation. Making sure your sound is right is the most important part. As far as the business side goes, never just sit there and wait for people to do something for you. You have to go out and do things yourself. The people that believe in your will actually do what you need them to do.” Want to know more? Keep up with the tour and new album release on their Twitter feed.

“Crash and Burn”


“Bells are Ringing”




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