March 1, 2012

Deadly Storms in Midwest

Tornadoes killed nine and damaged property in Kansas and Branson, Mo.

Gary: This deadly storm system began tearing through the Midwest Tuesday night. Twisters hit first in Kansas, Missouri and Illinois before storming into the southeast. The town of Harrisburg, Illinois is one of the hardest hit communities.

“After this horrific event, we are making sure every man woman and child is accounted for. Also making sure we are taking care of those who have been displaced.”

Gary: The tornado hit there at 4am Wednesday, tearing down buildings, even damaging the local hospital. Twisters also ripped apart home after home in the small town of Harveyville, Kansas. And in the country music resort city of Branson, several of the famous music theaters were damaged by the storms.

This Branson resident said it began getting really scary at about two in the morning.

“I’m on the second floor, and you can just hear the building tops just tear open. My mom refused to come out of the house. I’m like, ‘mom, you need to come. Let’s go.’ And she just finally took cover by her bed and stuff. We weren’t trying to do all that. We were trying to get out, you know.”

Gary: This is just the start of the tornado season. But forecasters say they just don’t know how bad a season it will be since tornado outbreaks are so difficult to predict.

Gary Hamilton, Channel One News.


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