Dealing with Grief


When something bad happens, it can be difficult to imagine ever feeling better again. But even in the worst situations, you probably know that everything will eventually be alright — even if it’s never the same.

Click the slideshow below for a few suggestions on getting through the grieving process.


When something bad happens, it's O.K. to allow yourself time to process the event and find out what it really means to you.

That can take time, so you shouldn't feel bad about feeling sad.


Trying to minimize or ignore an event won't make it go away -- and it might make it come out in unexpected ways later.


Allowing your friends and family to be supportive will help. Even if they can't understand 100% of what you're feeling, you might find that just knowing about their concern helps.


If you're head is cloudy because you're overwhelmed with grieving, you might not make the best decisions.

Put some distance between a negative event and a big choice.


It's O.K. to sleep a little more, or be a little a selfish with your time when you're going through something difficult.

People will understand if you're out of the loop for a while, and they'll be thrilled to see you back when you're ready.


It's a cliche to say that time heals all wounds, but you will feel better over time.

But even if you feel like yourself again, you'll probably never forget what happened. And that's O.K. too -- loss is a part of life -- but you will get through it.


Adriana Diaz talks to friends and family of some of the Aurora, Co. shooting victims.

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