Dearly Departed


They say love can never die, but what if its not living in the first place?

Nora Dearly is a young lady growing up in the year 2195, in a place called New Victoria: a society which combines a high tech world with the old fashions and ways of the Victorian era. Although her aristocratic background has demanded she be prim, proper and focused on making a wealthy marriage Nora has always been more drawn toward politics and watching war holos. When her father die’s Nora is left to a cold aunt who plans to make a her a rich match as soon as possible while all Nora wishes for is escape. And one day she gets what she wants — but it also involves running from zombies who want to kidnap her.

She soon finds herself rescued by another group of zombies, ones who claim to be good. She discovers that the government has covered up a disease called the Laz, and it is this disease that is responsible for the walking dead around her. It seems as if Nora will never be happy again, but then she meets Bram. A strong, handsome, and brave undead soldier whom she quickly befriends. As friendship slowly turns into something more the star-crossed lovers are thrown into a mess of military plots, dangerous battles and political turmoil. They know that one day the disease will take Bram away, but until then will they be able to stay together or will they be forced apart by a cruel and violent world in frantic chaos?

The first of a steampunk-romance series, this book combines star-crossed lovers with flesh eating zombies in a new and creative way. With adventure, action, comedy, true love, and zombies, this story will have you in suspense from beginning to end! — Olivia Jacobson, IMHO Books

About the Author

Lia Habel grew up in Jamestown, New York with parents who encouraged her love of all things gothic. She was unemployed and considering food stamps when her book deal for Dearly Departed came through. She is now working on the sequel, Dearly, Beloved.

3 comments on “Dearly Departed

  1. Irishstrong2002

    I SO need to read this book! I love ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that involves romance AND zombies!


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