September 23, 2011

Dept. of Ed Hosts Bullying Summit

Justin Finch facilitated a discusion to help strategize against bullying.

Sharon: It is something Paige Logan knows firsthand. In the 8th grade, a group of girls start bullying her after she won a local beauty pageant.

Paige Logan: They were posting bad things about me on the social network and saying bad things about me at school.

Sharon: Paige is not alone. Studies show as many as 1 in 4 students is frequently bullied. And it is not just physical, most of the time it is verbal. More than 40% of young people say they are bullied on the internet. It can lead to serious problems, like depression and even suicide. That is why the U.S. Department of Education invited victims, like Paige, to share their stories at this national summit. The government is working on a national strategy to prevent bullying.

They are getting help from social media companies and from artists, turning the words of bullied teens into stage productions. And, of course, Channel One was there. Justin Finch talked to teens to hear their take on it.

Justin: I want to pose this question to you: How would you all — as people who are surviving bullying, who are facing it everyday still, despite your efforts — how would you define bullying?

“It’s another way of hurting, pain, hurting people, causing pain. And, I guess, we really have to look at why bullies do bullying.”

Justin: Finding those answers is what the summit is all about.

Paige just started her junior year in high school and has been able to put the past behind her, in part because school officials stepped in to help stop the bullying. She says she wants to let other young people know there is help and they aren’t alone.

And we have got you covered. For a list of organizations that can help and advice on how to deal with a bully, head over to


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