Designing Your Room in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Tips from Krysta

Tips from Jenna

Tips from Karen


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5 comments on “Designing Your Room in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

  1. Joseph Albright

    Animal Crossing has been one of my favorite games throughout the years. Alike other games with similar style, Animal Crossing takes the cake with it’s quirky characters and timeless humor.

  2. Bri Johnson

    I love animal crossing, and always have since I was 8. It has always been a big part in my life. It’s a game that can really bring you from your stresses and calm down. I would be really happy and excited if I won! I think only the biggest fans of animal crossing should win, not some noob with a good room. :)

  3. Zachary Madison

    Animal Crossing is an AMAZING game, from Gamecube to the 3DS it was fun, I have a strange love for this style of games.The Makeover would be great for my room


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