Karen Knapstein
March 23, 2014
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Dinner And A Suit


When we last spoke to Dinner and a Suit, the guys had moved to Nashville and were about to hit the road for a tour.

And when we caught up bassist Anthony Genca a week ago, it sounded like that tour never ended. They’ve been out with Share Saturday, the Rocket Boys, the Parlotones, British band Lawson and more. It’s sort of amazing they found time to work on new material, including a video for “Heartbreak” and tracks including “Too Late.”

Their latest trip was ending at Austin’s SXSW Festival. They’re also “in the middle of recording a bunch of stuff” that will be released in the summer. “We’re actually in the middle of a song we started yesterday,” shared Genca.

feature-cover-dinner-and-a-suit.jpgBut getting to this place hasn’t been an easy road. The band got together in 2009 and had some initial success, releasing singles independently. Their songs “are about a lot of different things,” frontman Johnathan Capeci explained. They cover everything from “the feeling you get when you mess up and want a do-over” or “love” or “not giving up. It took a lot of refining to find the right mix.” And Nashville “is great for anyone involved in music. Slow-paced — it’s different from home — but it has been great for us” he told us.

He went on to share his best advice. “If I could go back to my younger self, I’d spend the time. Spend every day practicing and learning what it means to be in this business — things beyond just being in a band too. Become the best at what you do” — but also — “don’t be afraid to pursue your dreams.”

“Where We Started”

“Love is Risky”

“It’s Not Over”




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