Karen Knapstein
January 23, 2014

DIY to Drive

We’ve told you about driverless cars, gadgets to help you stay awake on the road, stuff that will stop you from texting and driving but we’ve never actually addressed the question of acquiring a ride in the first place.

This next big thing idea is going to change all that.

The Tabby car, which is nicknamed the Ikea car because you put it together yourself, is a car you buy and customize yourself. It takes about an hour to assemble the chassis and from there, you can add or subtract whatever you’d like from the design.

So, are do-it-yourself wheels the next big thing? Vote in the poll and tell us what you think.

70 comments on “DIY to Drive

    1. David Skoy

      I come from the small town of Shelley. there ain’t much to do. so this just the thing we need to get kids active. this car will revolutionize the car.

    2. Taryn

      I think there a HUGE variety of cars out there. Why create your own when you can just pick one that you like in a car dealership?

    3. Rae Stephens

      I live In a happy peaceful town where there is no traffic until 5. It could be a good place to put these cars to start with. By the way, I would totally be willing to try it out for y’all. Can you guys guess I’m southern? I am crazy. I don’t like sweet tea!!! Hilarious!!!!!

  1. Ozborne

    Well I think it will give some people experience to know how to build cars in the future so if you get a job at a car repair shop you’ll know how to work on cars.

    1. Elissa-Vanity

      True! I only thought how cool it would be to have a personalized car, not to mention the fact that it would help with the drinking and driving problem!

  2. Hannah keeton

    I think it is the next big thing because it will stop people from drinking and driving or texting and driving.

  3. wyatt

    DIY vehicles can be the next big thing if they let us put cup holders, chargers, and most important the radio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Kodi

    Yes I think it’s a great idea because you can make it in the way you want to and instead of buying a go kart and messing with it you can build it with all problems that you know about cause you built it.

  5. Katie Ames

    I don’t think that it will work because if we trust technology that much it might make people go crazy. We need to stop relying so much. It could lead to bad things in the future.

  6. Arianna drake

    It just seems like your lazy not buying a car on the internet just go and buy a car and get it customized.

  7. lillian

    it seems cool i would like to design my own car and if you use eco friendly stuff you could make a diffrence and my sister would like it

  8. Ty'Rae Jenkins

    I think this is an awesome idea. Now buyers don’t have to be picky about there choice. If it was me I would buy this. I am just a student but I have the dream of becoming a full time inventor.

  9. Alyssa Lincoln

    I think it would be amazing to build my own car. When I’m able to drive in four years, I would like to be able to make a car specified for me!

  10. TyRae-Jenkins

    This idea seems great for picky drivers and mechanics. Even tho I’m just a student I think it will work in the world. Even if I am just a kid I have dreams of being an inventor and making all kinds of inventions.

  11. Joseph-Wesley LLamas

    It is a good idea in theory, but will it actually work? I say no, it won’t work. There is no way every single one of the cars built will be street legal. So people will just have cars sitting around that can’t be driven.

  12. Joseph-Wesley LLamas

    It is a good idea in theory, but will it actually work? I say no, it won’t work. There is no way every single one of the cars built will be street legal. So people will just have cars sitting around that can’t be driven. Nah Nah Nah

  13. Jack Murphy

    I don’t like cars. I run to school every day. Y’all are triflin’ for trynna make custom cars. Get in shape cuh, y’all are lazy

  14. Maggie Gallagher

    I’m just salty that that patriots lost so i went in cried in a theater cuz i’m sad. Boo Hoo :’( Cars are boring

  15. Bri Christian

    I think it would be a great idea because then some people who complain about their cars not being what the want it to be, wont have to because they can build it them selves.

  16. Amber

    well, I think it wont be the next big thing because YES, you made it but it might turn out that you don’t like it!! But hey that’s just my thought…

  17. Kaitlyn

    This DIY Car is definetly the next big thing. Why? Because new drivers could design a good style fit for them. This style they make will be the most comfortable and allow them to drive safer.

  18. michael-bryant

    i say yes it is the next big thing it allows comfort and and u can design it to be safe for u and your family

  19. Illy-Jaxon

    I’m kind of iffy about this one, but I’m going to have to vote “no.” What will happen to all those other cars sitting in the lots of other car dealerships? *There’s already millions of brand new and used cars out there, and I think we should just settle for what we’ve already got instead of being so picky.* Sure, it’s nice to show off your awesome car, but does it really matter?

    But, I believe, during the show, that you said something about customizing your engine? If all the custom-made Ikea cars were equipped with eco-friendly engines, that would be a great creation.

  20. Abigail Adams

    I think DIY cars are a great idea,imagine driving on the road with a car you designed that would be so cool. When I get older I want to get a DIY car.

  21. Morgan Rembert

    I think its the next big ting because people can design their own car the way they want and not complain about how the car look or how it drives.

  22. Brenden

    This is such an amazing idea. If only car companies around the world would start doing this, everyone would have the car they want.

  23. Anya

    What’s the big deal? U can make a car good 4 the earth but u can also buy one already made. Or u can get exercise and walk, run, or bike everywhere.


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