Do You Zone Out in Class?


If history lectures and geometry calculations blind you with ZZZs– or worse, leave you with Cs– your IQ probably isn’t to blame. Maybe the lessons just aren’t your style– learning style, that is.

There are many theories about learning styles, but we’re focusing on one that involves three common styles: visual, auditory and kinesthetic. (We’ll explain what these mean later.) It’s difficult for teachers to tailor lessons to all learning styles, which is why some kids are considered “book-smart” and others get low grades no matter how hard they try. Find out how to make tough subjects work for you by taking the quiz. (Tip: Try not to think too long about the answers. Go with your gut.)

Sources: Associated Press, CNN, BBC, University of South Dakota, American Federation of Teachers.

Do You Zone Out in Class?

How you learn has a big impact on how much you want to pay attention.

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