Alex Honeysett
April 23, 2014

Donate YOUR Clothes, Raise $$ For YOUR School


Here on our Impact blog, we bring you different organizations and causes we come into contact with that we think you guys might be interested in getting behind. Most times, these organizations have programs that benefit communities around the world. This time, we’re bringing you a way to give back to your own community and school. And we’re psyched about it.

After reading about the budget cuts happening to schools all around the country, and then seeing an article about daily deals sites, a mom (and former principal!) launched Schoola.

Schoola is an online store for gently used, brand name kids clothing with 40% of the proceeds from each sale going to the school of whoever donates it.

So, if you and five of your friends all do a spring cleaning of your closets and send those clothes into Schoola, 40% of every piece of clothing sold will go back to your school. Think more drum sets, soccer uniforms and whatever else your school needs but doesn’t have the funds for at the moment.

Already, more than 3,000 schools are participating. Want yours to be one of them? Find out how here


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