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We all scribble stuff in the margins of notebooks or on our shoes, but what do all those stars, hearts and initials mean anyway? Some professional graphologists (people who analyze handwriting) like Anna Koren believe that these drawings reveal things about an individual’s personality. Koren reveals all in our doodle gallery.

What do your sketches say about you? Click the button above to see a fun gallery of doodles and what they mean.


Patterns of bars, squares, cubes and other geometric shapes are the sign of "an organized brain" according to Koren. They also show clear thought processes, good planning skills and efficiency.


If the shape is drawn darkly and firmly, Koren says these kinds of weird abstract shapes can indicate tension, difficulty concentrating or an inconsistent, sentimental personality.


Draw people? You're probably a people person. If they look nice, Koren says that you're someone who sees the positive in people and situations, is optimistic, friendly and enjoys being around others.


Hmm, could you be suspicious? These types of faces indicate a lack of trust, rebelliousness or defensive feelings.


This person is moving on up! Arrows show ambition, drive and movement towards a goal. Three guesses what you're after if the arrow goes through a heart.


Just like the Energizer Bunny, these people keep going and going and going. Drawing the same shape over and over indicates patience, persistence and the ability to concentrate. After all, how else would you be able to do all this drawing and still understand the English lecture?


Look out for No. 1. Koren says this person has something to prove and wants to win. Spot these doodles in the margins of team practice schedules and quiz bowl notes.


Peace, love and understanding are part of flower power, right? Friendly, sociable people often draw these things. Koren also notes that they're "motifs used extensively by social workers." Ever thought about being a counselor?


Drawing warm, fuzzy critters could mean you're in need of warm, fuzzy feelings. Either that, or you just like animals a lot. Even Koren says that doodles are hard to pin down. She calls "some clear and uncontestable, others obscure and concealed."


This is a no-brainer-- you're in love with love!


Mmm, mmm, good. Doodle pictures of food and you probably really like to eat or wish you could. Is it time for lunch already?

Now you know what your doodles mean, but what about the way you write? Click here to take our handwriting analysis test now.

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