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DownTown Mystic

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By Christa Fletcher

Robert Allen, Sha-La Music, Inc. president, knows it’s tough to keep a band together. Yet, what better way to keep the creative flow than inspiring musicians to partake in multiple projects? His latest is DownTown Mystic.

For Allen, DownTown Mystic is not about creating something commercial, a product filled with forgettable pop hits or a one-hit wonder. He formed the band in hopes of making music that will mean something to listeners. “It’s more than writing a song and recording it. It’s what we call making a record. It’s a whole lot different,” Allen explained. “It’s about an energy and a sound that you hope will get a reaction from the listener.”

Originally, he wasn’t sure if DownTown Mystic should be a solo act or group, but after some recording time in the studio with Bruce Engler, Steve Holley and Paul Page, the band was born. Even though each member of the band has other things on his plate, they make time to record radio fare like “One More Chance.”

Allen, who also runs his music publishing and management company, knows the key to radio success lies in getting one DJ to play your song to get the rock-a-rolling. Fortunately for DownTown Mystic, a Florida radio program director played “One More Chance.” Later, the song spread to stations across the country including KROQ, a popular Los Angeles rock station. And with any luck, L.A. music execs could be calling to add them to a label.

The cyclical nature of the music business and audience tastes seem to be working in the band’s favor. Rock, as a genre has many fans, young and old, so DownTown Mystic reels them all in with their tagline: “Vintage, yet modern.”

“The music was modeled on 60′s and 70′s type music,” commented Allen. “So it was really based around the organic sound of that time.” Despite this distinction, it always comes down to the music and one man’s love for rock – which is neither young, nor old – simply classic.


Meet the Band:

Robert Allen - Vocals, Guitars & Piano

Bruce Engler - Vocals & Guitars

Steve Holley - Drums & Percussion

Paul Page - Bass

Special Guests:

Garry Tallent - Bass

Max Weinberg - Drums


Location: Hillsdale, New Jersey

Favorite Songs to Perform:

  • "One More Time"
  • "Lost & Found"
Big Break: Riding the radio waves.

Fave Venue: Clubs

  • Rock 'n' Roll 4 the Soul (2006)
  • Read the Signs (2007)


"Vintage, yet modern."


The Beatles

The Rolling Stones

Jimi Hendrix

Eric Clapton

Jimmy Page

Bruce Springsteen

Fleetwood Mac

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