Drag Racing


Start your engines and rev up for this speedy tournament sport that gives new meaning to burning rubber. Drag racing became popular after World War II in the United States and has now expanded across the globe. The National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) oversees most drag events.

Traditionally, two hot rods compete head to head on a one-quarter-mile drag strip in a tournament style event. Each racer that loses is eliminated until a winner beats out his opponents in the bracket. The cars travel anywhere from 80-330 mph side by side along two tracks.

However, according to the New York Times, racing mogul O. Bruton Smith built a new dragstrip able to race four cars at a time. The track, named zMax Dragway, has also been dubbed the “Bellagio of Drag Strips” and will be used in a new event, the N.H.R.A. Four-Wide Nationals.

If you’ve never experienced the squeal and thrill of this NHRA sport, take the quiz to learn more about drag racing. Then check out the rather unconventional racing video below.

Drag Racing

See how fast you can complete the quiz about this hot rod sport.


Teens are drag racing…legally…in Texas.

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