February 15, 2012
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Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors


What if your eighth grade teacher left her job (and your class) to run off with a band and play music around the country? That’s exactly what Ellie Holcomb did after she spent a year apart from Drew when he was out on tour — she joined the band and left teaching to play music around the country. “I grew up with music” she explained, so “singing felt as natural as breathing.”

“It started out with me going up on stage for a few songs,” but with Drew and the Neighbors out of town for long stretches, “we decided to do this full time.” Which is good for both of them, given that Drew’s philosophy tends towards the “When in doubt, hit the road” school. It’s a good piece of advice and it seems to be working for him, the “Neighbors” (John, Rich and Nathan) and his family — even his brother has signed up as tour manager.

After starting on his first guitar in the seventh grade and learning to play songs from some of his favorite artists at the time — David Gray, Ryan Adams, Bob Dylan — Holcomb dove into songwriting and hasn’t stopped since. He graduated from from the University of Tennessee and moved to Memphis, landing a job at a studio that let him work in music.

A “long marinade” of songwriting produced three albums (including a Christmas one!) and an EP, which gives them plenty of material for shows with Marc Broussard and Dave Barnes. After a tour to support their album, Chasing Someday,┬áthe Holcombs were at home in Memphis for a while, but with this crew, it’s sort of hard to imagine that lasting too long. Check out a few of their tracks below.

“Anywhere But Here”

“Fire and Dynamite”


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